Guaranteed income from your assets without ruffle!

Warranty in the case of loss of rent by Foyer Assurances, at zero cost for the landlord

Protection with regard to the relationships with the tenants

The investment in a rental property nowadays constitutes a great challenge: the ideal tenant no longer exists! Instead of waiting for the "Lucky Strike", a self-evident solution clearly prevails among real estate property owners: professional management and the guarantee of rental income.

Faster handling of proceedings

Whereas there is still no end in sight with regard to the strengthening of tenant rights, the rental market has concomitantly come under pressure. Getting rid of "bad payer" requires court proceedings that last for a minimum of 18 months.  

The asset value of the real estate property is retained

Undisturbed and contented enjoyment of your property! iMMOSOLUTIONS accompanies you right from the investment up to the sale, and thereby ensures the best return on your assets.  

Cover for loss of rent

We offer you a guarantee for your rent, including incidental expenses, for up to 12 months. The compensation is paid monthly per bank transfer, based on the payment arrears.

Legal protection in case of loss of rent

We assume all legal and extrajudicial costs, associated with the payment arrears and excessive damage, up to the costs of a possible eviction.